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Not so “Bad”…

The air was fresh and the sun beat down on an early September day at the Badlands National Park. They were named for the rugged conditions, extreme temperatures and lack of water. They were called “les mauvais terres pour traverse” by French trappers in the 1900’s literally meaning “bad lands to travel through.” Despite the name, the Badlands of South Dakota are an amazing expanse of eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires formed by deposition and erosion surrounded by a mixed grass prairie and definitely worth the trip.

The Badlands are home to many animals who take shelter in this unique land. We really didn’t see too many creatures, but I did enjoy watching this butterfly, one of 69 different species that interact with this harsh ecosystem.

As I looked towards the horizon, it almost felt like I was on another planet. When I examined an individual striped formation, it reminded me of a glass bottle with sand of variegated colors layered one on top of the other.

I plan to return to the Badlands someday, with more time to experience them, to hike their trails and take in their unique scenery with all my senses.

Published by retiredgirlbeautifulworld

Admirer of beauty. Seeker of fun. Lover of outdoors. Driver of convertibles. Educator. Writer. Editor. Photographer. Runner. Yogi. Hiker. Paddler. Dancer. Adventurer. Observer.

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