Fortunately, Unfortunately… a tale of Road to Hana Survival…

“I survived The Road to Hana” took on a new meaning as we dined on fresh caught seafood at our favorite food truck about four miles outside of Hana. We relaxed under the canopy with our delicious selections while the one-eyed store cat nuzzled our ankles hoping for a tasty morsel. (Friends who have seen this photo have felt very sorry for this cat, but honestly, I think he has a pretty good life sharing meals with the customers at the food truck.)

After we finished lunch and were wandering around the small shop and taking silly tourist photos, Dave walked up and said we were going to be here a while because the tree right next to our SUV fell over.

Fortunately for us, it fell the opposite direction of our vehicle, but unfortunately for everyone, it took down a power line and blocked the road. Traffic was at a standstill until some of the small brave vehicles tentatively limboed under the tree as a lady (who may have crossed the line between brave and crazy, considering there was a power line involved) held up a limb.

After the first couple of cars made it unscathed, the opposing lines of traffic showed much aloha as they took turns in the limbo game. Mustangs, Cameros, nondescript economy cars and sedans of every color all emerged victorious.

Yep, our SUV had been just the vehicle for us, but was it up for this challenge? (Take the upgrade, they said. It will be great, they said.)

But, we were excited when a silver oversized twin vehicle was the next to approach the limbo tree. (Limbo lower, now. You can be a limbo star!) Whew! He just made it! We thought that if he could do it, we can do it! Get in! We’re out of here! So, David skillfully navigated our silver beast under the limbo bar as we collectively held our breaths and sucked everything in… Success! We were free to continue towards Hana. It was fortunate that we left when we need because eventually the road was completely closed and turning back would have been our only option.

What was next on our great adventure?

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Admirer of beauty. Seeker of fun. Lover of outdoors. Driver of convertibles. Educator. Writer. Editor. Photographer. Runner. Yogi. Hiker. Paddler. Dancer. Adventurer. Observer.

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