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Show-Me September Adventure

A year ago at this time, my dad and I were on a major road trip through the western United States. It was not so “bad” as we cruised through the Badlands, took our time through Mount Rushmore, drank the world’s freshest water in Montana, breathed the alpine air of Glacier National Park, explored the wonders of Yellowstone, saw the wild bear all the signs had warned about, photographed horses with the Grand Tetons as a backdrop, met a moose family near our Idaho cabin and saw even more moose, up close and personal in the Rocky Mountains. On our way home and for several months thereafter, we began planning our next adventure… another trip out west, but this time our route would head in a southerly direction and include sights such as the Grand Canyon, Brice National Park, and Zion National Park and more.

However, things changed. Enter Corona Virus. This tiny invisible enemy foiled our travel plans. Admittedly, if the virus hadn’t done it, the historic wildfires would have. While we were not going all the way to the coastal states, the smoke from these fires travel for thousands of miles creating very poor air quality in its wake.

After accepting the reality that the next road trip would not be as we planned, I began seeking out sights that would be closer to home. The Show-Me September Adventure was planned.

There are plenty of places to explore in the Show-Me State. Missouri has mountains, beautiful springs, and rivers so clear you can hardly see the water. The upcoming posts will share the specifics of the adventure.

Beauty is the in the eye of the beholder and we did find some gorgeous and fun sites in our very own state. Like this “giant” fish (don’t you think it’s at least four feet or so?) finding the beauty along the way is all about choosing the right perspective.

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