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Lele. Coming soon…

“She had no idea of the impact her work would have, but she did it anyway.” -Rolf & Kenison. Meditations from the Mat. pg. 399.

As I read these words today, I took them to heart. When we have creative ideas, do the labor, and eventually give birth to them, we don’t know our effect on the world will be. Remembering that each tiny drop originates a ripple extending beyond our view, we may never know our impact.

Of course, the authors of the book, were not referring to me. They were referring to Grammy award winning artist, Tracy Chapman, and her 1988 album that brought awareness to suffering of physically abused women.

I say the authors were not referring to me, but as the reader, I bring my own thoughts and experiences to the process. When we “met” today, I felt the words in my heart.

“Lele” is a Hawaiian word meaning “to burst forth,” “to leap,” or “to jump.” My #oneword2021 follows last year’s word, also Hawaiian, “mohala,” meaning “to unfold” or “blossom one petal at a time.” My image was unfolding the many petals of a lotus flower, growing from its roots in the muck, revealing a jewel inside.

It’s still a process, but when the time is right, my 2021 is going to say, “2020, hold my beer.”

Lele. Coming soon.

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