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Marvelous Montana

Montana is a beautiful state of mountains and rivers. Big Sky Country did not disappoint. We visited the Missoula/Lolo area. The Bitterroot River ran right behind the house of the friends we stayed with and made a beautiful scene for morning yoga.

We took several day trips. We visited the small town of Anaconda, which was originally formed as a copper mining town. The 585 foot smokestack is famous as one of the tallest free-standing brick structures in the world. It can be seen for miles. It is even taller than the Washington Monument which is only a mere 555 feet.

Fort Missoula was an interesting and beautiful historical site. Of particular interest was the library car, which was a traveling library that arrived by rail. This was my favorite photo of the day. Just for fun, I had submitted several photos to the local TV station and then…this…

I drank the “world’s freshest water” from Spring Hill. It was quite delicious.

My favorite place that we visited while in Montana, was actually just across the border in Idaho, Lolo Pass. When we arrived there it was raining pretty hard, so while drinking hot chocolate and observing the trailhead from the back porch of the visitor’s area, it didn’t seem that a hike was in the cards.

But, the rain turned to drizzle and eventually gave way to blue skies, so it was a perfect time to venture out into the pine forest.

My son had visited Montana several years ago and said that Big Sky Country made him feel like an insect, so small. I had remembered this and wanted to see if I felt that way too. In the midst of the tall trees, I did indeed feel tiny as I breathed in some amazing rain-kissed pine air. Until next time, Montana…

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