Yowser! Yellowstone!

Yellowstone may not have won the beauty pageant of national parks I visited, but it certainly won the “oh, wow!” award! It is a thermal wonderland that covers three states. The most famous geyser, Old Faithful, is a must see event. She erupts every hour to hour and half or so give or take ten minutes. The crowd gathered and waited in anticipation as the trickle of steam commenced.

Eventually the exciting event unfolded, just as predicted:

There is much more to see in this steamy, sulfuric adventure.

Mammoth Hot Springs is an interesting area to explore with thermal water escaping from the ground mixing with lime and painting the rocks with icy looking liquids. Boardwalk trails throughout the springs are great for really exploring.

On the third day at the park, it was a beautiful blue-sky, sunny day and perfect for visiting the Paint Pots and seeing some incredible color. This was another favorite part of the visit for me.

Within the Paint Pots, Mustard Springs was bubbly and active.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to America’s first national park and I hope it won’t be my last! It’s a seasonal park with frequent and rapid weather changes. Always check out their website for the current conditions.

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