It’s easy being Green(sboro)

I flew to the state that was “First in Flight” for a long weekend. The primary purpose for the visit was cheering on my “Ninja Nephew” at the #nnlworlds2020 held in Greensboro.

But, we found some time to take in some of the local flavor starting with Dame’s Chicken and Waffles. Dame’s did not disappoint. The chicken and waffles were “Goldilocks”, meaning they were the just right blend of savory and sweet. Personally, I went for the shrimp and grits, which was just right as well blending creamy texture, succulent shrimp and a spicy kick.

We walked around the neighborhood near Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd after lunch admiring the neat brick buildings with wrought iron balconies containing cute shops and then headed downtown.

We loved the in-jean-ous sculptures of headless, torso-less pants hanging out in various places. These “painted on jeans” featured unique designs brought to life by local artists and celebrated the hometown of Lee and Wrangler jeans.

We headed to the Four Seasons Town Center for a little shopping. The mall had three floors connected by escalators and a glass elevator on a smallish footprint. This shopping area has not received the memo about the demise of the Anerican mall, as the store fronts were filled with the typical retail suspects anchored by JC Penney and Dillard’s. After snapping up a few bargains, we headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful day. We followed Siri’s directions to locate Country Park, which was recommended online, but became sidetracked on the way as we approached Bicentennial Park with its flowers, trees, sculptures, bridges and mill.

Signs led us across the street to Bog Garden, which was an immersive hike along a boardwalk. The bamboo stared at its reflection between the muddy banks and old trees towered over us sheltering the birds and squirrels. The root system on the fallen tree was probably ten feet in diameter.

After our happy detour, we continued to Country Park. It was a little tricky finding a place to park because the road into the park was gated on weekends. This seemed strange, but after finding our way in via parking at an adjacent park, it was obvious why cars weren’t allowed. The roads had become trails covered with walkers, runners, scooters and bicycles navigating up and down the rolling hills that encircled the fishing lakes and areas of playground equipment. At the top of a hill we spied and interesting building, so we headed up to explore. As we pressed our hands against the window and peered through the glass, we discovered an amazing carousel. The artwork was incredible with hand carved, hand-painted horses and many other creatures including endangered animals from the science center and North Carolina college mascots. The canopy featured paintings depicting the history of Greensboro. This project, funded by the Rotary Club and many individuals will open soon.

We finished our day’s adventure at Lucky 32, a local southern comfort food restaurant recommended by a local. The Art Deco decor, cloth napkins, white chinaware and weighty utensils gave the restaurant an air of formality, but guests were not dressed up. Our server was friendly and gave accurate recommendations. We particularly enjoyed the fried green tomatoes, Carolina catfish and pulled pork with Johnny cakes. We finished our meal with a dessert sampler featuring flourless chocolate cake, peanut butter pie and chess pie.

Greensboro is a delightful destination with friendly folks and a lot to see!

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