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Shoot for the moon

To explore Santosa (contentment) on the mat, one of my YTT homework assignments was to design a sequence that built towards Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose) and find contentment in the expression of the pose I created, letting go of expectation or achievement. As a person who spent most of my life with achievement as an internal motivator, this idea is challenging. 

“Nothing to master. Everything to explore.” (Stephens. Yoga Sequencing. 198)

What a refreshing idea!

So, I took the time to create a moonlight themed personal playlist that speaks to my heart and is so eclectic and fun! It’s a tribute to some important people in my life and reminds me of some special times. Some of it feels dark like the night sky. Some of it rocks! Why take so much time?

If I would do it for others, why not for ME? Aren’t I worth it?

(You know the answer.)

The sequence itself is lighthearted, “dancy” and fun. It has some silly cueing. It is a mandala, so there are multiple opportunities to practice the peak pose.

Yesterday, on a Missouri December day, it was 72 degrees, so the only place to practice was outdoors. However, here in the Ozarks, there is no such thing as a flat piece of ground, so that added to the challenge.

How many times did I fall out of half moon pose? A lot. But…

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you land among the stars.” -Les Brown

This is Santosa.

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