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Today when Wheel Pose was offered during my practice, the Yoga Voice from within encouraged, “Do it.” My body resisted initially. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the pose, but when I’d done it before, it was a struggle, with my arms fighting to lift my head and chest. Sometimes I’d get part way up and then rest my head on the floor, while my arms tried to gain a second wind and muscle up that front half of my body. Sometimes it was successful, sometimes not. So usually I just stayed with Bridge Pose, which felt good and stable.

“Do it,” the Voice patiently repeated.

My heels walked towards my glutes and my palms found the earth next to my ears, fingers gently creeping under my shoulders.

“Deep inhale. Exhale. Push into the floor with the heels. Hips to the sky. Chin away from chest. Hips a little higher. Extend the arms.”

(Notice I didn’t say, “Lift the head and chest with the arms.” My much stronger hips and quads had already done this work.)

I felt a rush of elation and joy normally reserved for a first time accomplishment. The surprise and intensity of the emotion broke my concentration, so I had to come down carefully, tucking the chin and rolling down one vertebrae at a time.

After a short break, I took the pose again. (And again a few more times to get the photo.)

It. Felt. Awesome.

It was easy! Well, let me rephrase that. It seemed easy. It felt effortless. It is not an easy pose!

So, there is no prize for attaining Wheel, or any other pose. Or is there?

Not in the “I’d like to thank the Academy…” sense, of course, but perhaps in other ways…

*I listened to the positive voice in my very being.

*I didn’t give in to Resistance. (more to come on this topic)

*I didn’t fight with my body. I worked with it, how it is designed to work.

*I allowed myself to celebrate a victory.

*I let it be easy.

Life on the mat is a microcosm of life. These lessons are the “wins” I can take with me into real life. They work there, too.

So, yeah, there is a prize.

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