Just monkeying around…

Today I celebrate my 500th class at Kom Hot Yoga. My 500th class was actually a few days ago, but who’s counting? Well, I am!

I chose my “90% Monkey Pose” to commemorate the occasion. Why? Because it represents important things I’ve learned:

*It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect. This is my monkey pose today, and it is enough. I am enough.

*Yoga blocks are not the enemy. They are helpful in making poses deeper, more comfortable or possible.

*Monkeys represent intelligence and cunning. Yoga is a place of continual learning.

*Yoga is a tool to calm the “monkey mind.”

In Sanskrit, the name of the pose is Hanumasana, named for a character in Indian mythology, who is a monkey. But, he’s not just any monkey. As the sun of the Wind God, he was able to leap across the ocean, instrumental in saving Sita, the wife of exiled prince, Rama. The shape of the splits represents this incredible leap. Hanuman is often depicted carrying a mountain because in another feat, he goes to seek herbs to bring Rama’s brother back to life. Because he doesn’t know which herbs are the right ones, he simply brings back the entire mountain, so that he will have the right ones. Hanuman was brave, loyal, intelligent and skilled. These are great qualities to cultivate in my practice.

But, the most important thing? Monkeys are fun and yoga is supposed to be fun. I remind myself not to take things too seriously. I always want to keep it fun.

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Admirer of beauty. Seeker of fun. Lover of outdoors. Driver of convertibles. Educator. Writer. Editor. Photographer. Runner. Yogi. Hiker. Paddler. Dancer. Adventurer. Observer.

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