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Reflection on the journey

So, I’ve been teaching yoga for six months, more or less. More if you count the classes I created and taught online; less if you count teaching in studio.

The other day I turned to one of the first pages of the journal where I plan my yoga classes and read a version of my practicum class named Beloved Hawaii Flow 2. I was considering using it for a private class I was teaching. I shocked myself as I realized how simple and basic that first class was compared to those I currently write. Then I smiled, realizing that meant I had grown as a teacher. There was nothing wrong with that class. It represents where I was on the journey. I love that class, it’s beautiful, gentle and balanced. It reminds me of my favorite place on earth. I love the playlist.

I actually did use an updated version of that class, that I co-created with the participants as we practiced based on their needs. The ladies loved the class and their positive comments afterwards made my day.

So, this opportunity for reflection led me to reflect even more. Just like we celebrate the milestones of our babies with cute photos on blankets documenting the months and captions documenting growth, I’ll share my self-reflection here.

  • I’m no longer nervous before I teach. The first class I taught I was so nervous that my muscles were tense and shaking. I was exhausted after. Now, I’m simultaneously excited and relaxed. I can hardly wait to share what I’ve planned and co-create with my students. But, I’m not stuck to my script.
  • I have the confidence to handle mistakes as no big deal. If I leave something out, I can come back to it, or not. If I’m having a “left and right are hard day,” it’s okay. Mistakes make us human and relatable.
  • If I want to read meditations or quotes, I can just read them. I don’t have to memorize them (and worry about forgetting the words).
  • I’ve challenged myself to include something “new to me” in each class. Whether it’s using a new Sanskrit word or including a pose or transition I’ve never taught before, I’ve been faithful to this goal.
  • I can take one class plan and playlist and modify it to use in various formats or class lengths. This is very helpful when I teach multiple classes during the week, but have different students.
  • So, in summary the evolution of my teaching is similar to a yin practice.
    I had to find my edge and soften. (Be confident and stop worrying about every detail.)
    I melted and let the breath do the work. (I prepare for class, but once it starts, it just happens.)
    Then the magic happens… the release… the muscle sighs and gives a little more space. (I teach class knowing whatever happens, it’s what was supposed to happen for each student.)

On the other hand, it’s just yoga. I can’t take myself too seriously. (Thank-you, Sherri, for this wisdom.)

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