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…The Other is Gold

This post is somewhat of a continuation of the “Heart Prints and Wings” post, but the venue and the focus has changed.

I’ve moved on to the part of the song that goes: “…keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.” While I would prefer to change the word “old” to another word to describe my nearly lifelong bestie, T, it does rhyme with “gold” and a lifelong bestie is worth more than gold.

We have maintained our friendship since high school, even as our life paths differed following our days of creating crazy, fun memories of shopping, high school dances, laying out by the pool, and cruising Main St.

My bestie has weathered more than her share of life’s storms , as told in Oprah magazine from October 2013. Back in our high school days while we were creating our fun memories, she beat back cancer, not once, but twice. Now, the once life-saving treatments are causing multiple serious residual health issues.

Despite all this, she is tough and living life to the fullest.

Now that we’re both retired, we’re setting out on our “excellent adventures” following in the footsteps of great female duos: Laverne and Shirley, Thelma and Louise, Oprah and Gayle.

Our first official “excellent adventure” was to Madeira Beach, Fl.

My morning yoga view on August 14 was this! I was supposed to be here!

In true bestie style, when I told her I had to be away from home on August 14, the second anniversary of my husband’s passing AND the first day of school where I wasn’t a part, she was there for me. I didn’t care where we went, just “away.”

Happy First Day of School!

So she planned a beach trip for us. When circumstances prevented the initial plans from going forward, she planned a different beach trip that included an excursion to Clearwater Marine Aquarium which I had wanted to visit since learning the story of Winter the Dolphin several years ago.

Winter and her bestie, PJ playing in the pool.

The trip was great! It was reliving the past only better…

Laying out by a beach instead of an above ground pool, Coppertone instead of baby oil, “80’s on 8” on SiriusXM instead of a radio.

But, what was the same and the best, two friends were sharing life and creating memories again. “Gold” friends are beautiful.

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