Heart Prints and Wings…

It was my first trip out of the USA and I was traveling solo. There were many firsts on the trip… Costa Rica…

the smallest airplane I’d ever been on… living in the Casita with three ladies I had never met…

and more. I should have referred to “the three ladies I’ve never met” as “future friends” as that’s how it turned out.

In the Casita, we were all traveling solo and, amazingly, all educators. Teachers. We were all seeking some adventure, learning something new and celebrating a milestone of some sort.

We bonded immediately and with the energy of our group bond, we were all able to reach out in friendship to the others in our larger group at Anamaya.

We were all different, yet had stories in common. We were each a puzzle piece completing a beautiful portrait of friendship. The experience brought out a “realness” in people’s spirits, something that felt child-like, vulnerable and pure. We each brought value to the group and each absorbed what was individually needed from the group.

Our yoga teacher and leader encouraged us to accept and love ourselves, in all of our delicious scrumptiousness, which overflowed into the acceptance, understanding, support and love that was abundant in the collective energy of these new forever friendships.

As we left to return to our “real lives” tears were shed. As we began to go our separate ways, we took with us the heart prints of each new friend.

When I was a Girl Scout, we learned a song that went, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.” Each friendship that we are blessed to create enriches our lives in its own way. A beautiful new friendship doesn’t diminish the value of beautiful old friendships. We can have different friendships for different occasions, like a wardrobe. Forever friends, like comfy sweats, are always there, always accepting, always listening, always knowing, but always loving anyway. No words required.

New friends are exciting sparkly event dresses, based on shared interests, circumstances, or ideas. We put them on for a special time that dances it’s way into our memories.

All friendships are nurtured by memories and fueled by laughter and tears. They all are kept as heart prints.

“Remember… no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings…” –It’s a Wonderful Life

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Admirer of beauty. Seeker of fun. Lover of outdoors. Driver of convertibles. Educator. Writer. Editor. Photographer. Runner. Yogi. Hiker. Paddler. Dancer. Adventurer. Observer.

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