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I am a Tree

I am a tree.

I am strong.

I am grounded.

I am flexible with branches waving.

I extend from all directions accepting what I need from the universe.

I am a shelter.

I am a protector.

I am beauty.

I am dormant and resting. A shadowy figure on a backdrop of grays. Learning to appreciate the calm.

I am budding and springing forth with all that is fresh and new.

I wear a crown. I soak in the sun.

My leaves flame and then wither. Crunchy when they no longer serve me. Drifting away. Thank-you and goodbye.

I am two.

I am twenty-two.

I am all those other numbers too.

I am a story.

On the inside. Measured by rings of life. Rings of abundance. Rings of drought.

I cannot be what I haven’t been.


Published by retiredgirlbeautifulworld

Admirer of beauty. Seeker of fun. Lover of outdoors. Driver of convertibles. Educator. Writer. Editor. Photographer. Runner. Yogi. Hiker. Paddler. Dancer. Adventurer. Observer.

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