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Hau’Oli Makahiki Hou!

Happy New Year!

If you’ve read much of this blog or follow me on social media, you probably know I have an affinity for all things Hawaiian. So this is the third year in a row, I’ve selected my #oneword from the Hawaiian language.

#oneword2020 was mohala, a beautiful word meaning to unfold or blossom as a flower, one petal at a time. I was like a jewel inside of a lotus bloom protected and concealed within the petals. Outward journeys were thwarted due to the pandemic, so I began an inward journey through yoga teacher training leading to a rediscovery of my purpose, which is to be a teacher. I learned what I like to call, “the lesson of the ruby slippers” which is, I had the power all along. The answers I seek are within. I. Am. Enough.

#oneword2021 was “lele,” meaning to burst forth. The drawing I made was like the contents of a confetti popper bursting in every direction, but I’m thinking it was more like a firework, exploding in colors with smaller explosions happening at the ends of the original sparks!

  • I completed my yoga teacher training and became a 200 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT 200).
  • I’ve had several opportunities manifest to share my passion for yoga. Teaching at Kom has grown into more than I would have imagined as I continued to read, study, plan and lead classes. Friendships and relationships have blossomed. I’m grateful for the opportunities and for growing confidence in myself as a yoga instructor while keeping the needs of my students first.
    • Cat Yoga was another successful venture in terms of sharing my practice, new friendships and relationships, and cultivating confidence. Teaching in a setting where anything can and does happen has taught me to be flexible and not take things too seriously. From finding a gift of two pieces of cat food on my mat one day when I went into downward facing dog to continuing to cue bridge pose without missing a beat after a cat unexpectedly leaped from my bent knees to my stomach as I laid on my mat. And it’s where I met Marshmallow (more about that white, furry, 6.5 pound ball of love later.)
    • Several other yoga teaching ventures started, but failed for one reason or another. I guess they were just sparks that didn’t continue into a bigger bang. But, each experience or potential experience held lessons and contributed to my growth, so they still count as valuable.
    • I had the opportunity for travel again! Arizona. Florida. Texas. South Carolina. Las Vegas. Utah. Missouri. Arkansas. Some new adventures. Some familiar places. Some solo. Some with new friends. Some opportunities to rekindle existing relationships with friends and family.
    • I finally published the memoir/photo journal I’ve been writing for three years. Yes, it’s a real book, for sale on Amazon. Riding the Waves: Navigating life in the wake of loss. By Addie Gaines.
  • It was hard to let it go and let it live the life it’s meant to. This is still unfolding.
    • I became a brand ambassador for a local boutique. When Wild Orange advertised the position, it took me six days of contemplation and gathering the courage to go ask about the possibility. It turned out, I was just who she was looking for to round out the team. So, another extension of the comfort zone… I put together outfits and talk about them on social media. It’s fun. I get paid. I get a discount. More new friendships and relationships.
  • But, I had to ask for the opportunity. The “ask” is scary. Acceptance is the reward, juxtaposed by the risk of rejection.
    • I adopted a rescue cat from Mochas and Meows where I teach cat yoga. I haven’t had a pet in about 20 years and when I did, we lived in the country and they lived outdoors. I opened my home and my heart to Marshmallow, and while sometimes it seems I’ve adopted a small furry toddler with incredible jumping and climbing skills, most of the time it feels like there is a being in my house who cares whether or not I come home, is so happy to see me and really wants nothing more than my warm lap and love. (But I bought her a kitty condo, a window seat and a blingy collar, so there is that.)
  • So after all this bursting forth in so many directions, it would be easy to ask, “How can I top this?” Or “What can I do next?”
  • But seeking the answers to these questions quite possibly robs some of the joy of the things I’ve manifested. So, instead my #oneword2022 does not grow bigger, but allows me to take the time to bask in the glow of all that has burst forth in the past year.

    Alohilohi means to glow. I envision beautiful embers after an exciting roaring fire. Basking in the glow leaves me feeling warm and peaceful. Like a gentle smile or a sigh. Contentment. Things don’t always have to get bigger. Sometimes they are enough.



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