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Goats and Yoga

I went to a small educational farm in Rogersville, Mo. that holds fun animal interactions including goat yoga and bunny meditation.

Their tag line is accurate: where joy and zen meet. Goats and Yoga is a wonderful experience with simple yoga poses and goats frolicking about. They naturally want to jump on flat surfaces, so poses like tabletop and downward dog are perfect for interacting.

They’re Nigerian Dwarf goats, but some can weigh 30-35 pounds, so are they heavy? They can be. Does it hurt when they jump on your back?

Not really. It kind of feels like a massage. Do they try to eat your clothes and hair? Yes, but you just stop them.

Do they pee and poop? They can! They’re animals!

There were new babies this time! They were so cute and fun!

The baby bunny was the sweetest thing…so soft with its little silky ears laying flat, it’s little nose twitching, it’s round belly rising and falling with its breath. and it’s “big” back foot curled to its side.

Definitely a place of joy and zen! If you’re in the area, I recommend it! They do require reservations!

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